Quick Ratio Steering Box 16:1 1967 Steering : Gear Box, New
Quick Ratio Steering Box 16:1 1967
Quick Ratio Steering Box 16:1
Quick Ratio Steering Box 16:1
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Special Notes
Scott Drake Mustang has teamed up with Flaming River Industries to offer you their brand new steering boxes.  These boxes have been praised in both Mustang Monthly Magazine April 1999 issue and Mustang And Fords August 1999 issue.
These all new boxes feature a quick 16:1 ratio for a very responsive and precise steering system, improved needle bearing design for smoother operation, direct bolt in, MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED ti shaft on this particular steering box, no core charge to hassle with and a 1 year warranty.
The 16:1 ratio is the same ratio used on all high performance mustangs (GT, ôKö car, Shelby, Mach 1 and Boss models).  Power steering cars also feature the 16:1 ratio.  Most of these boxes are worn out after 30 plus years of service.  Flaming RiverÆs new boxes eliminate play in steering wheel, hesitation and wandering, improves high speed tracking and overall sense of control.  This is also an excellent upgrade for regular production Mustangs with manual steering that have the slower 19:1 ratio. Cars with 16:1 ratio requires 3 3/4 turns of the steering wheel lock to lock while 19:1 ratio require 4 5/8 turns lock to lock

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